newly adopted cat

When you are in love, everything seems better, right? Having a wonderful relationship can prompt positive future plans, such as engagement, marriage, living together, and other great changes in a couple’s life. 

For pet lovers, the idea of adding even more love to the mix by way of a fur friend sounds promising. With that excitement, though, comes several new responsibilities and things to consider when adopting a pet with your significant other.

The team at Kings Trail Animal Hospital is here to help love birds make informed decisions around pet adoption. We can help you explore some of the questions and considerations to discuss with your partner for making your adoption a successful one.

Questions to Consider Before You Adopt

Just like when adopting a pet on your own, there are basic things to consider when you adopt as a couple. The only differences have to do with how to share your beloved new pet and their financial and time needs.

Here are some of the most important things to consider:

  1. Choose what pet you both want. This may seem like a piece of cake, but you’d be surprised how hard it can be when you both want a radically different pet. Narrow down your preferences and come to an agreement that suits your personalities, preferences, and ability to care for the pet.
  2. Divide the chores and exercise needs. If the two of you work full time, it can be a struggle to make sure your pet gets enough exercise each day, let alone dealing with the chores, like scooping the poop and grooming. Divvy up things by days or by type of chore so you both get the experience of responsible pet ownership, which further strengthens the bond with your fur friend.
  3. Consider the expenses for the adoption and ongoing care. Pets, while priceless, can be expensive. From the initial adoption fee to veterinary care, food, and supplies to parasite control, vaccinatinations, and emergency veterinary care (which always comes unexpectedly). How can the two of you cover all of the expenses related to pet care?
  4. Timing is key. Ask yourself if there are any major life changes coming up. These might include a move, changing jobs, getting married, the birth of a child, or going to school. These major hurdles are great, but adoption is also an exciting, yet turbulent time that requires your complete attention.
  5. Agree to the house rules. One of the problems that pets face when learning how to be well behaved is the fact that their humans have different rules for them. This adds to a lot of confusion or stress for your new fur friend. Discuss things like whether or not they can sleep on the bed, get on furniture, or if certain behaviors are a no-no, like begging and whining.
  6. Consider the stability of the partnership. If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend just got together a few months ago, now may not be the best time to adopt together. Or, if there have been major rifts in the emotional stability and commitment between you two, its best to wait and find some stasis in the relationship. After all, a pet is a lifelong commitment.
  7. Discuss pet custody, should you break up. This is an uncomfortable but necessary conversation. Most of us go into the relationship with the best of intentions, but sometimes things don’t work out. Decide how you will share custody of your bestie and how time will be split between the two households. 

Adopting a Pet with Your Significant Other

Pets deserve to have a stable, lasting, and safe home so they can live the best possible life. If you two lovebirds are ready to dedicate your time, finances, energy, and love to a new pet, we are so excited for you!

If you have any questions about adopting a pet with your significant other, or would like to bring them in for a wellness exam, please contact us. We cannot wait to meet your new pet!