Dog in brewery jacksonville fl

The state of Florida does permit well-behaved dogs to join their owners on adjoining or adjacent patios of establishments that serve food, but the idea of dogs in breweries is currently under attack. Citing code 64E-11, the Department of Health recently issued a statement to all Florida breweries that, in essence, qualified beer as food. To that end, dogs in breweries are no longer allowed. It might not seem fair to exclude dogs, but does this rule makes sense from a health perspective?

Elite and Exclusive

Dogs are everywhere we go. They’re in our homes, at the beach, parks, shops, and more. In spite of this, however, there are some folks that simply don’t want to share environments with them, and see them as threats to safety or sanitation.

Cities around the country are responsible for setting ordinances regarding where people can or cannot bring their dogs. Service dogs are, of course, recognized and protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They are allowed access to all establishments, unlike companion dogs that are only welcome on outdoor patios or seating areas.

Enforcing Good Habits

Most dog owners will only bring their dog out with them if they are calm, quiet, and well-behaved (not to mention fully vaccinated and microchipped). Restaurants, cafes, and bars typically turn a blind eye to a nice dog so long as they remain on-leash, outside, off furniture, and promptly cleaned up after. They shouldn’t be allowed near utensils or drink preparation stations, and all professional staff should refrain from touching them.

Outside Only

So, if all of the above are strictly enforced by establishments, dogs do not present a safety or sanitation risk, right? Certainly, an adherence to hygiene is vital to the continuation of the presence of dogs at public eateries and bars.

The issue for Florida is that beer has been categorized as food, and most breweries don’t serve food. Shouldn’t dogs then be allowed inside?

Dogs in Breweries

The Florida Department of Health is enforcing regulations against dogs in breweries, but there is something you can do to help. Sign the Dogs in Breweries Petition. The organizers are nearly to 25,000 signatures, the number required for review by the state legislature.

The Best Company at the Best Place

Many dog owners agree that while holding their dog’s leash, they enjoy holding a glass of craft beer as well. What’s not to love? Well, dogs in breweries may not necessarily get into the pub environment. It can be loud, unpredictable, crowded, and far from the comforts of home. Furthermore, potential injuries connected to broken glass, tipped trays, and inebriated people can increase.

But if your dog is along for the ride, loves strangers as much as their owners, and can remain cool and collected while out and about, sign the petition and hope for change. Until then, Fido has to stay at home or wait for patio seating.

Questions about dogs in breweries? We always look forward to hearing from you at King’s Trail Animal Hospital!