Pet Food and Treats: The Good, the Bad, and the Dangerous

Jacksonville veterinarianProviding our pet with nourishing food and delicious treats is a big part of how we show them our love. Feeding our pets connects us to them in a fundamental way, and consistently giving them what they need to survive and thrive builds their trust and deepens the bond we share with them.

Unfortunately, not all pet foods and treats are created equal. Besides being extremely low quality, some imported commercial food and treats have sickened and even killed hundreds of pets in the United States. This leaves many pet owners understandably angry and confused about which food and treats are safe for their animals.

What to Watch Out For

Commercially available pet foods and treats, especially those imported from China and certain other countries, can pose a surprising number of health risks. Some of the dangers that have cropped up and led to recalls over the past decade and beyond include: Continue…