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Boarding and Grooming Care for Your Pets

Pet Boarding: Comfortable Accommodations For Your Dog Or Cat

Kings Trail Animal Hospital will care for your dog or cat while you must be away. Our vets will make your pet’s stay with us as comfortable and homey as possible. We are happy to accommodate your pet’s special needs, so please make us aware of these needs when you make a reservation.

Cat in boarding

We know how stressful it is for your pet to be separated from loved ones, so we have designed our boarding facility to keep your pet calm and happy. We provide clean water and bedding, and we gladly administer medicine and follow your custom feeding schedule. Veterinary and kennel staff will monitor your pet’s health and well-being during their stay. We will also treat your pet if they become ill and we provide overnight monitoring for senior pets.

Our feline guests are boarded in a safe, quiet section of our kennel designed to reduce noise and stress. Our new cat condos are clean and provide plenty of space for your cat to move and stretch. We will keep your playful kitten occupied with plenty of toys, and we will ensure that your adult and senior cats are as comfy as possible.

Pet Grooming: Keep Your Pet Looking Good

Dog and cat grooming

Kings Trail Animal Hospital offers medicated baths for your dog and cat. Although our goal is first and foremost to diagnose the root your pet’s illness, soothing baths often effectively treat a number of skin conditions and reduce your pet’s discomfort. Dogs and cats with fleas, dry skin, and other allergies will definitely benefit from a soothing, medicated bath.

Kings Trail Animal Hospital is committed to providing quality, common-sense care that is proven to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Please contact us to learn more about our boarding and grooming services or make an appointment today.

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