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Diagnostics: A Picture of Health

Prompt diagnostics are essential to preserve your pet’s health and well-being. When you bring your dog or cat to Kings Trail Animal Hospital, we conduct a thorough examination of your pet and develop a history of your pet’s health. This information helps us monitor any health concerns and address them before they become serious. Our primary goal is preventive medicine. Diagnostics are an essential component of our preventive and wellness protocols.


Effective diagnostics help ensure that your pets remain healthy throughout each stage of their lives. We are able to detect potential health issues by utilizing sophisticated hematologic and radiographic equipment. Our goal is to treat potential illness as soon as it is diagnosed and easiest to treat.

Modern is Better

Modern technology improves the way that we provide care for our pets. These advances have improved all of our services, including diagnostics. Our facility’s imaging equipment enables us to peer inside your pet’s body and spot potential issues that may not have been detected through other means. Our diagnostic capabilities also include a full laboratory to promptly diagnose illnesses and treat your pet.

Your Pet’s Health is Our Mission

Veterinary diagnostics and technology improve our ability to detect your animal’s health issues. We pride ourselves on our commitment to improving our skills and offering the best diagnostic tools possible. Sound, proven treatment protocols, and effective diagnostics will help keep your pet healthy.

Please contact us to learn more about our diagnostic services or make an appointment today.

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